What Happened To Mike Hellman Street Outlaws

Have you been wondering what happened to Mike Hellman on Street Outlaws? You’re not alone. Hellman, a popular drag racer and member of the Street Outlaws cast, has been noticeably absent from recent show seasons. Fans have been speculating about his whereabouts and the reasons for his absence, but details have been scarce.

In this article, we’ll look at what we know about Hellman’s early life, his rise to fame on Street Outlaws, and the rumors surrounding his departure from the show. Hellman had a successful racing career long before becoming a reality TV star. He grew up in Oklahoma, where he began racing at a young age. Over the years, he became a respected name in the racing community and built a reputation as a skilled driver.

When Street Outlaws debuted on the Discovery Channel in 2013, Hellman was one of the racers featured on the show. He quickly became a fan favorite, known for his competitive spirit and distinctive black Camaro. However, he has been noticeably absent from the show in recent seasons, leaving fans wondering what happened to him.

In the following sections, we’ll explore the reasons behind his absence and what he’s been up to since leaving Street Outlaws.

Mike Hellman’s Early Life and Career in Racing

Mike Hellman's Early Life and Career in Racing

You’ll be impressed to know that Mike Hellman started racing at just 8 years old, and by his teenage years, he was already competing in national events. His passion for racing was evident from a young age, and he quickly became a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Mike honed his skills and developed a reputation as a talented racer throughout his early career. As he got older, Mike’s love for racing grew stronger, and he began to focus on street racing. He became a regular at local events and quickly gained a following of fans amazed by his skills behind the wheel.

Despite the risks involved in street racing, Mike was determined to pursue his passion and make a name for himself in the industry. It wasn’t long before Mike’s talent caught the attention of the producers of Street Outlaws, a popular TV show about street racing. He was invited to join the cast and quickly became a fan favorite.

His rise to fame on Street Outlaws was a testament to his racer skill and dedication to the sport. With his fearless attitude and competitive nature, Mike proved he was one of the best in the business.

Rise to Fame on Street Outlaws

You quickly rose to fame on the hit show Street Outlaws from humble beginnings. As a racer, you proved yourself time and time again, leaving your competitors in the dust. Your impressive skills and competitive nature made you a fan favorite, and soon enough, you became one of the show’s most recognizable faces.

Your success on the show was due to your natural talent and your unwavering determination and hard work. You spent countless hours in the garage, perfecting your car and studying your competitors’ strategies. Your dedication paid off, and you quickly became one of the top racers on the show, earning respect from both your fellow racers and the viewers at home.

As your fame grew, so did your passion for racing. You continued to push yourself to the limit, always striving to be the best. However, rumors and speculation surrounding your absence from the show have left fans wondering what happened to you.

In the next section, we’ll explore these rumors and try to uncover the truth behind your departure from Street Outlaws.

Rumors and Speculation Surrounding His Absence

You might’ve heard rumors and speculation about Mike Hellman’s absence from Street Outlaws. Some people say that he’s been dealing with health issues and is recovering. Others claim that he’s been facing legal troubles and is suffering the consequences of his actions.

Whatever the reason, fans of the show are curious to know what happened to Mike.

Health Issues and Recovery

After suffering from a heart attack, Mike Hellman has focused on his health and working towards a full recovery. According to sources close to him, Hellman has been taking the necessary steps to get back on track, including changes in his diet and exercise regime. He has been spending a lot of time with his family and keeping a low profile in the street racing scene.

To emphasize the importance of taking care of one’s health, here is a table that compares the risk factors of heart disease between men and women:

Risk Factors Men Women
Smoking High High
High blood pressure High High
High cholesterol High High
Physical inactivity High High

Heart disease is a serious issue that affects both men and women. Hellman’s experience is a reminder that even those who appear healthy and active can still be at risk. Everyone needs to prioritize their health and take the necessary steps to prevent heart disease.

As for Hellman’s legal troubles and consequences, it’s unclear what the future holds.

Legal Troubles and Consequences

Unfortunately, what’s in store for Hellman regarding his legal situation and any potential consequences is unclear. However, there are a few things we do know about his legal troubles:

  1. In 2019, Hellman was arrested and charged with DUI and possession of a controlled substance.
  1. The case was scheduled to go to trial in early 2020, but it’s unclear if it took place or what the outcome was.
  1. Hellman hasn’t made any public statements about the case or its resolution.

As you can see, little information is available about Hellman’s legal situation. However, some interviews and statements from Hellman and the show’s producers shed some light on other aspects of his life.

Interviews and Statements From Mike and the Show’s Producers

Amidst the controversy surrounding Mike Hellman’s legal troubles, both he and the show’s producers have given interviews and statements to address the situation.

In an interview with Street Outlaws’ executive producer, Craig Piligian, he revealed that they had no choice but to let Hellman leave the show due to his legal issues. Piligian also stressed that they take safety very seriously and do not condone illegal street racing.

Mike Hellman himself has also given interviews regarding his situation. In an interview with Drag Illustrated, he stated that he wasn’t proud of his actions and had made a mistake. Hellman acknowledged that he had been involved in illegal street racing and was facing the consequences of his actions. He also expressed regret for letting down his fans and the racing community.

Despite his legal troubles and departure from Street Outlaws, Hellman has not given up on his racing career. He has continued to race in sanctioned events and has even started his racing team.

It remains to be seen whether or not he will be able to overcome the negative publicity surrounding his legal troubles. However, Hellman seems determined to continue pursuing his passion for racing.

Current Status of Mike Hellman and His Racing Career

Have you heard about what’s happening with Mike Hellman’s racing career right now?

Since his departure from Street Outlaws, Mike has continued to race and compete in various events across the country. He still runs his racing team, featuring his signature ’55 Chevy, which he’s been driving for over a decade.

Despite not being on the show anymore, Mike has remained a popular figure in the racing community. He has a strong following on social media, where he regularly posts updates about his racing adventures and interacts with fans.

In addition, he’s also collaborated with other well-known racers, such as Daddy Dave and Chuck Seitsinger, in various events and races.

While Mike Hellman may no longer be on Street Outlaws, he’s continued pursuing his passion for racing and has remained an influential figure in the community. With his talent and experience, it’s clear that he has a bright future ahead of him and will continue to make a name for himself in underground racing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is Mike Hellman on Street Outlaws?

Mike Hellman, also known as “Hellboy,” was a prominent figure on the hit reality TV show Street Outlaws. He was a skilled drag racer and a member of the 405 crew, which comprises the top racers in Oklahoma City.

Q2: What Happened to Mike Hellman on Street Outlaws?

Unfortunately, Mike Hellman passed away on May 21, 2021, at the age of 50. His death shocked the Street Outlaws community and fans. The exact cause of his death has not been publicly disclosed.

Q3: Was Mike Hellman a Significant Character on Street Outlaws?

Yes, Mike Hellman was a notable figure on the show. He joined the 405 crew in the earlier seasons and was known for his skill behind the wheel. Hellboy earned a reputation as a fierce competitor and was respected among his fellow racers.

Q4: How Did Fans React to Mike Hellman’s Death?

Fans of Street Outlaws were deeply saddened by the news of Mike Hellman’s passing. Many expressed their condolences and shared heartfelt messages on social media. The loss of such a beloved character significantly impacted the Street Outlaws community.

Q5: Have Any Tributes or Special Episodes Dedicated to Mike Hellman?

After Mike Hellman’s passing, the Street Outlaws community, including cast members and fans, paid tribute to him. Fellow racers and the show’s producers acknowledged his contributions and honored his memory through social media posts, special episodes, and heartfelt moments dedicated to his legacy.

Q6: Will Mike Hellman’s Absence Be Addressed on Future Seasons of Street Outlaws?

It is unclear how the show will address Mike Hellman’s absence in future seasons. However, given his impact on the Street Outlaws community, it is likely that his legacy will be honored and remembered through various means in the upcoming episodes.


So, you’ve learned about Mike Hellman and his career in racing, his rise to fame on Street Outlaws, and the rumors and speculation surrounding his absence from the show. Through interviews and statements from Mike and the show’s producers, you’ve gained insight into what may have happened and why he’s no longer a part of the show.

As for Mike’s current status, it’s unclear what he’s up to now. Some sources say he’s still racing and doing well, while others suggest he’s taken a step back from the sport. Regardless, his time on Street Outlaws made a lasting impact on both the show and its fans.

We can only hope that he’s happy and healthy and that he continues to pursue his passion for racing in whatever way he sees fit.

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