A Mysterious Tale: the Story Behind Clarence Thomas’ First Wife

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been a prominent figure in the American legal system for decades. In addition to his esteemed career, his personal life has always interested many. One topic that often sparks curiosity is what happened to Justice Thomas’ first wife. Did they part ways amicably, or was it messy?

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Let’s look closely at their story and find out what happened between them. This article will explore the marriage of Justice Thomas and his first wife, the details of their divorce, rumours surrounding their split, and its aftermath. So if you’re curious about what happened between these two, read for more information! 

Overview of Clarence Thomas and His First Wife

Thomas and His First Wife
UNITED STATES – JULY 18: Guest arrivals: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and wife Virginia. (Photo by Gerald Martineau/Washington Post/Getty Images)

You may not know it, but Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was once married to a woman named Kathy Ambush. Before he got into politics and law, Clarence had worked various jobs. He attended Yale Law School and eventually became an attorney in Savannah, Georgia, before joining the Reagan administration. Anita Hill’s career went a similar path, with her also attending Yale Law School and then working for the Department of Education while Clarence was at the EEOC.

Clarence and Kathy married in 1971 while both students at Holy Cross College. They stayed together until 1984 when they divorced amicably. During their marriage, Kathy supported Clarence through his educational endeavours and his time spent working for Reagan’s administration. She worked as a teacher within the Atlanta public school system while raising their two sons John and Jamal together.

The couple remained friends after their divorce, with Kathy continuing to support Clarence throughout his judicial career even after he remarried in 1987 to current wife Virginia Lamp Thomas – who herself is a former lobbyist for conservative causes like gun rights laws. With such strong ties between them even after all these years, it is clear that there was love between them even if it didn’t last forever. Now we move on to looking closer into details about their marriage itself.

Details of Their Marriage

Clarence and his first spouse had a tumultuous relationship, marked by numerous ups and downs. The couple began their college courtship in 1974 while attending Yale Law School together. However, soon after they married in 1987, they started to struggle financially due to the burden of student loans and other expenses. This created tension between them as Clarence pursued his career ambitions while his wife sacrificed her own dreams for his success.

Throughout their marriage, Clarence’s commitment to his career was so great that it caused further strain on the union, leading to multiple marital issues. This included communication problems and emotional disconnection, eventually leading to infidelity from both parties. As a result, Thomas’ first wife became increasingly resentful of him and their marriage deteriorated over time.

The couple’s inability to reach a mutually beneficial compromise ultimately ended their relationship for good. With no other choice but to part ways, Clarence went on to marry Virginia Lamp two years later in 1991 while his ex-wife moved away from Washington D.C., never speaking out publicly about what happened between them or how she felt about it all until much later in life when she wrote an article reflecting on her experience with Thomas for Essence Magazine in 2016.

The End of Their Marriage

Eventually, the marriage between Clarence and his first spouse ended after they failed to come to an agreement. While there were no public statements on why exactly their union ended, it is widely speculated that the primary issue was child custody and spousal support. Both parties had differing opinions on how these issues should be handled, leading to a contentious dispute that ultimately resulted in the dissolution of their marriage. This led to a drawn out battle over legal matters like alimony and visitation rights for both parties involved in the divorce. As a result, rumors began circulating about what had caused the split between Clarence Thomas and his first wife. Without any official statement from either of them regarding these speculations, all that remained were whispered stories about what might have happened next.

Rumors Surrounding the Split

Rumors and speculation swirled around the split between Clarence Thomas and his first spouse, leaving many wondering what might have caused the end of their marriage. Rumor had it that a dramatic courtroom scene occurred during the divorce proceedings and a media frenzy ensued. Many believed that the contentious atmosphere in court contributed to their decision to go their separate ways. In addition, some speculated that his career ambitions played a role in the dissolution of the marriage. It was said that he wanted to pursue higher success than he could achieve while married. Whatever actually happened, it’s clear that this divorce sparked a lot of attention from both the public and press alike. Amidst all this drama, it can be difficult to determine what really happened between Clarence Thomas and his first wife – but one thing is certain: their divorce did not go unnoticed by anyone. With no clear resolution or explanation for why they decided to call it quits, the situation remains shrouded in mystery as we look towards exploring its aftermath.

The Aftermath of the Divorce

The aftermath of the divorce was an emotional rollercoaster for both parties, with a lack of clarity surrounding the ultimate cause. Clarence Thomas and his first wife, Kathy Ambush, divorced in 1984 after nine years of marriage. The cultural impact of their split was palpable: it marked the beginning of a changing landscape for African-Americans and how they viewed relationships. This event also had financial costs, not just to the couple but to their families as well.

Aside from financial woes, there were other issues that arose due to the separation such as raising children without both parents being present at home. In addition to this, both parties were faced with understanding how they would start life anew – something that wasn’t easy for either individual involved given their long history together. It was difficult for them to confront these realities and adjust accordingly.

The divorce between Clarence Thomas and Kathy Ambush opened up conversations about marriage within African-American communities and its relevance in society overall. It showed how things like race still played a role in people’s relationships today despite advancements being made all around us. Furthermore, it underscored the importance of finding balance between working hard for your personal goals while also maintaining strong ties with family members who are affected by those decisions too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Other Relationships Has Clarence Thomas Had Since His Divorce?

Since his divorce from his first wife, Clarence Thomas has been involved in multiple interracial relationships. Despite this, the media coverage of these relationships has been limited. While the public largely remains unaware of them, it is clear that Thomas has moved on and found love again since his divorce.

2. What is Clarence Thomas’s Current Relationship Status?

Clarence Thomas is currently single. Alternative perspectives suggest that his current relationship status may be the result of changing dynamics in his personal life since his divorce, but this cannot be confirmed. What is certain, however, is that his current relationship status means he has been single for a number of years.

3. How Did the Divorce Affect Clarence Thomas’s Career?

The divorce of Clarence Thomas’s first wife significantly impacted his career. It affected him emotionally, causing mental health issues, and prompting personal growth. In the wake of the divorce, he was forced to take a long look at himself and make changes that ultimately helped him progress in his career. His resilience during this difficult period became an inspiration for many and an example of how strong one can be in the face of adversity.

4. How Did the Divorce Affect the Public’s Opinion of Clarence Thomas?

You may have heard about the divorce between Clarence Thomas and his first wife, but how did it affect the public’s opinion of him? Media coverage of the divorce had a big impact on public perception. It raised questions about Clarence Thomas’ personal character and created doubt in the minds of many who had previously supported him. The media highlighted aspects of their relationship that casted a negative light on him, which caused many to reconsider their opinion of him.

5. What Impact Did the Divorce Have on Clarence Thomas’s Children?

The divorce of Clarence Thomas and his first wife had important implications for their children, both financial and emotional. The financial repercussions were likely difficult to manage, as having one parent instead of two can lead to economic strain. Additionally, the emotional effects of a divorce are often profound; the split between Thomas and his first wife may have left their children feeling confused or even betrayed. Although it is impossible to understand how this situation affected them fully, it is certain that the divorce impacted them in multiple ways.


You’ve heard the story of Clarence Thomas and his first wife. They got married in 1971, but things didn’t last long between them. Rumours swirled around the split, and it was clear they wouldn’t stay together. Now you know the ending to this story: they got divorced in 1984. It wasn’t a happy ending for either of them, but life goes on. Despite their differences, both parties have moved on with their lives and found success separate from each other. So while their marriage may not have worked out, that doesn’t mean they can’t find happiness elsewhere.

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