What Happened to Ekaterina Gordeeva and Ilia Kulik?

Curious about what happened to Ekaterina Gordeeva and Ilia Kulik after their figure skating careers?

Ekaterina Gordeeva has been busy with her post-retirement life. She has focused on her family life and made significant contributions to the world of figure skating.

Ilia Kulik, on the other hand, has transitioned from Olympic gold to coaching. He has been involved in coaching endeavours, passing on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of skaters.

Get updates on their family life, Ekaterina’s contributions to figure skating, and Ilia’s coaching endeavours.

Stay tuned to learn more about how these two talented skaters have been shaping their lives since leaving the competitive scene.

Ekaterina Gordeeva’s Life Post-Retirement

Ekaterina Gordeeva's Life Post-Retirement

After retiring from competitive figure skating, Ekaterina Gordeeva focused on raising her daughters and exploring new opportunities in the skating world.

She delved into coaching and choreography, sharing her expertise with aspiring skaters. Gordeeva also expanded her horizons by participating in ice shows and exhibitions, captivating audiences with her grace and skill.

Alongside her professional endeavours, she dedicated time to philanthropic activities, supporting charitable causes close to her heart. Gordeeva’s post-retirement life exemplifies her enduring passion for figure skating and her commitment to giving back to the community.

Through her continued involvement in the sport and her contributions off the ice, she continues to inspire others and leave a lasting impact on the skating world.

Ilia Kulik: From Olympic Gold to Today

Ilia Kulik’s journey from Olympic gold to today showcases his continued impact on the figure skating world. Since retiring from competitive skating, Kulik has transitioned into coaching and choreographing for top skaters worldwide. His unique style and artistry have made him a sought-after coach, helping skaters refine their technique and presentation on the ice.

Kulik’s innovative approach to training has earned him recognition as a coach who can bring out the best in his students, guiding them to success in competitions. Additionally, Kulik remains involved in the skating community through various exhibitions and events, inspiring the next generation of skaters with his passion and expertise.

Ekaterina and Ilia: Family Life Updates

Ekaterina and Ilia

Transitioning from his successful coaching career, Ilia Kulik and Ekaterina Gordeeva have embraced a new chapter in their lives focused on family. They’re dedicated parents to their daughter Elizaveta, who’s now a teenager.

Balancing family life with their individual pursuits, Ekaterina remains involved in figure skating events and charitable endeavours, while Ilia continues to explore opportunities within the skating world. Despite their busy schedules, they prioritize quality time together as a family, enjoying activities like travelling, skiing, and attending Elizaveta’s skating competitions.

Their bond remains strong, rooted in their shared love for each other and their daughter, creating a harmonious family life that reflects their enduring commitment to each other.

Ekaterina’s Work in Figure Skating

You frequently witness Ekaterina’s active involvement in figure skating events, showcasing her dedication and passion for the sport.

Currently, Ekaterina works as a coach, passing on her expertise to the next generation of figure skaters. She conducts training sessions focusing on technique, artistry, and performance skills, drawing from her own successful career as an Olympic champion.

Ekaterina also participates in various figure skating exhibitions and shows, where her graceful movements and artistic expressions continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

Through her work, Ekaterina not only contributes to the development of young skaters but also keeps the magic of figure skating alive for fans everywhere. Her tireless efforts and love for the sport shine through in every performance and coaching session.

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Ilia’s Transition to Coaching

Ilia's Transition to Coaching

After retiring from competitive skating, Ilia found success and fulfilment in coaching young skaters. His transition to coaching has been seamless, with his technical expertise and artistic insight guiding the next generation of figure skaters.

Ilia’s coaching style emphasizes discipline, dedication, and creativity, instilling in his students the same passion and work ethic that drove his own success on the ice. With his unique perspective as a former Olympic champion, Ilia brings a wealth of experience to his coaching role, inspiring young talents to reach their full potential.

Under his guidance, many skaters have flourished, achieving remarkable progress and earning accolades in competitions. Ilia’s dedication to nurturing talent ensures a bright future for figure skating through the generations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ekaterina Gordeeva and Ilia Kulik Still Actively Competing in Figure Skating?

No, Ekaterina Gordeeva and Ilia Kulik aren’t actively competing in figure skating.

They’ve retired from the sport and now focus on other aspects of their lives and careers outside of competitive skating.

How Has Ekaterina Gordeeva’s Personal Life Changed Since the Passing of Her First Husband, Sergei Grinkov?

After the passing of her first husband, Sergei Grinkov, Ekaterina Gordeeva’s personal life shifted significantly.

You can learn about her journey, challenges, and growth amidst the changes she faced during that time.

Did Ekaterina and Ilia Ever Consider Coaching Together or Opening Their Own Skating School?

You both explored coaching and starting a skating school. The idea intrigued you, but ultimately, you pursued other paths.

Your shared passion for skating continues to inspire others, even if coaching together wasn’t in the cards.

What Are Ekaterina Gordeeva’s Thoughts on the Current State of Figure Skating and Its Future?

As a figure skating legend, Ekaterina Gordeeva believes in the sport’s future.

She sees potential for growth and innovation.

Her insights inspire younger skaters to strive for excellence and keep the beauty of figure skating alive.

Has Ilia Kulik Ever Considered Returning to Competitive Skating in Any Capacity?

Have you ever wondered if Ilia Kulik might make a return to competitive skating?

It’s an intriguing thought, considering his talent and experience.

One can only hope to see him grace the ice once more.


So, now you know what happened to Ekaterina Gordeeva and Ilia Kulik after their retirement from competitive figure skating.

Ekaterina has focused on her family and work in figure skating, while Ilia has transitioned into coaching.

Both have found success and fulfilment in their post-skating careers, proving that their Olympic gold medals were just the beginning of their incredible journeys.

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